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Moving Abroad With Pets

Posted by on 22nd Dec 2015

With television series like ‘A Place in the Sun’ or 'Wanted Down Under' that show viewers homes away from the Great British weather it isn’t surprising to hear that an estimated 350,000 people emigrated from the UK last year. According to the Office for National Statistics 2011 saw an increase in the number of long-term emigration from the UK, from 339,000 in the year to December 2010.

However, watching agents show their prospective clients exotic places to live is not the only factor that has seen this statistic rise. A change in job and the excitement of starting a new chapter can also play a large role in this big decision.

For some families it isn’t just the physical moving to another country and getting the children excited about starting a new school that is challenging, relocating the family pet can also prove difficult. Below you will find advice on how to successfully move your pet and the many ways you can help make their journey as comfortable as possible.

International Pet Shipping

These days, many people relocate abroad for a change of job, to start a new life in a far away land or simply to get more sun. When this happens one of the major concerns is about their pets; can they take them with them? In most cases the answer is “yes”, but pet shippingneeds to be planned as early as possible to allow for veterinary treatment. Even if you have the time to do the research and to make all flight and quarantine arrangements yourself, you should be aware that some airlines (Virgin, for example) will only carry pets from an IPATA approved shipper such as Airsupply Shipping Ltd ( Shipping your pets abroad is less of a problem these days, especially with things like the Pet Passport scheme. One other good thing is that, because the UK is rabies free, it is usually much easier to get an import licence from your destination country for your pet.

Sherpa Carry Bags

Now that you are aware of the process you need to go through when moving your pet, you should also invest some time to help them have a pleasant journey. At Bonlays we have a great selection of Sherpa products ranging from small to large carry bags and fleeces. What’s even greater is that most airlines have given their seal of approval to these travel bags, and allow pets in the carriers in the cabin. It is extremely important to do all you can to make your pet feel safe and warm as they may feel alienated once on the plane.