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Sherpa: Fly with your pet in confidence

Posted by on 22nd Dec 2015

Sherpa is a popular brand for pets on the go, providing both cats and dogs with a comfortable surrounding when travelling. Not only are these carriers popular with pets, they’re also admired by owners due to their stylish designs and durability.

The pet trading company was set up by Gayle Martz in 1990 and is the founding brand behind the Sherpa Pet Group. The inspiration for creating stylish pet travels came to Gayle after working with airlines for over 20 years. Gayle understood how difficult it was for owners to travel with their pets in the cabin, and so decided to revolutionise the way pets could fly. Thanks to the airline approved Sherpa pet carriers, cats and dogs soon found their way from the confines of the cargo hold to the cabin, and now can fly in comfort and style.

Leading the way in pet travel, Sherpa became the first carrier to be approved and recognised by major American airlines. It is the recommended pet carrier by the ASPCA, Delta Society and Humane Society for domestic flights, and airlines such as air Delta, Continental, United and US Airways also approve the Sherpa carrier, enabling their customers to fly with their pets safely, securely and comfortably.

These pet carriers are also recognised by European airlines, allowing owners to travels with their pet on short-haul flights. However, here at Bonlays we would always recommend that you ask the airline about travelling with your pet before booking any flights.

How to use the Sherpa Pet Carrier on-board a plane

It’s important that you check with your chosen airline that it is fine for your pet to travel in the cabin. Once your travel plans have been approved and you’re seated, ensure your Sherpa carrier is underneath the seat in front of you and that none of the flaps are left down. Sherpa bags are designed to create a low-profile and with the occasional circumstance of some flyers being nervous of dogs, make sure that your carrier remains inconspicuous.

Once you have reached the terminal your dog must not leave the bag. It’s okay to reassure your dog when flying if he’s nervous by stroking him, but he must remain in the bag. Make sure the leash is attached to the safety ring inside the bag and keep a watchful eye on the zips to prevent him from escaping.

Size guide

If your dog is:

13” long x 8” high and weighing 6lbs we would recommend that you have a small Sherpa bag.
16” long x 10” high and weighing 16lbs we would suggest the medium size Sherpa carrier.
18” long x 11” high and weighing 22lbs the large Sherpa pet carrier should provide the right fit.

Every pet carrier featured on Bonlays details the bag’s dimensions and what pets are suitable for each size. If you have any queries regarding sizes, please do give us a call on 01473 603533.

Airline restrictions

An up-to-date health certificate from your vet must be obtained before you fly and should always be on your person when flying. All Sherpa pet carriers have a zipped pocket, perfect for storing such important documents.

Due to travel sickness it’s advised that you don’t feed your pet when flying. Food should not be offered within six hours of flying and water shouldn’t be provided within two hours of flight time.

Prior to flying check with the airline if there are any regulations and charges. These vary from airline to airline, but all rules and regulations must be abided by if you wish your pet to travel with ease. All pets carried in a Sherpa pet bag must be able to fit under the seat in front of you, otherwise you may find that your dog has to travel in the cargo and be kept in a hard carrier.

Who wears Sherpa?

Sherpa pet travel bags are a popular accessory for many celebrities. Kate Beckinsale, Kristin Cavallari, Natalie Portman, Mickey Rourke, Amanda Seyfried and Christina Ricci have all been spotted carrying their pooches around in a stylish Sherpa bag. Thanks to this recognition the brand has even been mentioned in Lauren Weisberger’s Everyone Worth Knowing, the title that followed The Devil Wears Prada.

All the Sherpa pet carriers found on Bonlays have been designed and manufactured to the highest of standards. All the features of the bag are there to help make both of your journeys as pleasant as possible. If you are travelling on a short-haul flight and would like to bring your pet with you we would recommend the Sherpa pet carrier. Take a look at our collection of pet carriers to see what design catches your eye.