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Stop Animal Cruelty

Posted by Bonlays on 22nd Dec 2015

It’s a known fact that a dog can put a smile on someone’s face just by simply looking their way, can offer companionship without wanting anything in return and will provide undying loyalty with no questions asked. So why is there such a thing as animal cruelty?

Horrific stories have been circulating the internet of late and some of what we have read we dare not even think about repeating. Its disgusting behaviour and no dog, cat- or any other animal deserves such mistreatment.

There are many types of cruelty and many reasons why certain individuals abuse animals. The main acts of cruelty can be broken down into categories; passive and active.


A passive form of abuse covers a range of neglect. The crime covers the lack of action, rather than an action itself. Below you will find examples of what it considered to be neglect. However, we are sure to have seen many forms of this abuse covered in RSPCA adverts and likewise for the active forms of cruelty.

Examples of neglect

  • Starvation
    • Dehydration
    • Allowing a collar to grow in a dog’s skin
    • Inadequate shelter
    • Failure to seek veterinary care
  • Active

    In the simplest of forms, active abuse is the opposite of passive. Instead of concentrating on the crime of neglect, active abuse covers the action performed by the abuser. There is malicious intent behind the action and directly endangers the animal. This kind of behaviour is very serious and if often connected to sociopathic behaviour as many cases are incredibly disturbing.

    How the legislation for irresponsible dog ownership needs to change

  • Current legislation does not cover private property, yet most attacks happen in residential homes
    • Compulsory microchipping needs to be implemented
    • Breed Specific Legislation should be abolished
  • More information about how dog ownership legislation can be found on the RSPCA website.

    We here at Bonlays, can’t even begin to imagine what some RPSCA employees have seen, nor do we want to. We implore you if you know of any case where you believe an animal is being abused, please do report it to the authorities.