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What's In Style For Your Dog?

Posted by on 22nd Dec 2015

As the season is beginning to change we have started to put our winter coats back into the depths of our wardrobes and the same goes for our dogs’. So what should they be wearing mid season? It’s not cold enough to permit your dog to wear a coat, nor is it hot enough just to wear a t-shirt.

At Bonlays we have a great range of anoraks and jumpers for your dog to wear to keep those chills at bay. Perfect for those early morning walks, your dog is sure to feel warm and cosy wearing some of our dog clothing, but what’s fashionable?

A reliable indicator that we use when determining dog fashion trends is finding out what our favourite celebrity dogs are wearing. Our favourite celebrity dogs to follow include 50 Cent’s pup Oprah Winfrey who is sporting a pink cast at the moment and Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell.

For Tinkerbell anything goes so long as it’s pink and for Oprah she likes to keep things simple, but with a bit of bling. Looking across a whole spectrum of famous people’s dogs, it seems that the collar is the must have statement piece. The once practical item is now the must have fashion accessory for your dog to wear and it must be bigger and better than the rest.

You will find a fantastic range of dog collars at Bonlays that all boast an array of patterns and colours to choose from. Whether you want to bring a bit of Tinkerbell’s style to your dog’s wardrobe by opting for something pink or want to opt for something simplistic and classic like Oprah, you’re sure to find it here.

Why not complete your dog’s wardrobe by choosing special outfits out of Bonlays’ dog clothing collection?