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  • Bates Leather Balsam - 90 gm


    Bates Leather Balsam - 90 gm

    The Bates Leather Balsam has a rich wax based content which is extremely effective at penetrating the surface of the leather, ensuring not only that the correct level of moisture is maintained but also helping to form a barrier dramatically increasing...

  • Bates Steady Grip


    Bates Steady Grip

    The Bates Steady Grip offers you improved security to maintain a strong and powerful position, whether on a horse with expressive movement or tackling a demanding eventing course. Offers improved position. Helps to maintain strong grip on a horse...

  • Bates Stirrup Leathers


    Bates Stirrup Leathers

    Bates Stirrup Leathers are elegant, high quality leathers, made in luxurious Bates leather. The riveted buckle design reduces the thickness of the leather under the rider’s leg and the webbing core ensures that the leathers will not stretch and...

  • Bates Leather Webbers


    Bates Leather Webbers

    Bates Leather Webbers are revolutionary stirrup straps made without buckles to reduce the lump under the rider’s thigh and provide closer contact to the horse. The single thickness under the leg removes excess bulk and interference...

  • Bates Leather Cream - 350 ml


    Bates Leather Cream - 350 ml

    Bates Leather Cream replenishes and rejuvenates the moisture content in the leather, and should be used in combination with the Bates Leather Balsam.