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    Wintec Comfort Pad - Charcoal

    Ideal for everyday use and very advantageous in high shock situations such as jumping, endurance, polo, cross country and extended sitting trot sessions. The Wintec Comfort Pad provides a high level of comfort and trauma-reduction.

  • Sprenger

    Sprenger Bow Balance Safety Stirrups

    SPRENGER BOW BALANCE STIRRUP   A new dimension in Stirrups, providing comfort and maximum security, the Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups offer perfect ...

  • SoloGroom Solo Horse Rake

    The solo rake is two-headed to save time and money.The rubber grip handle is well balanced and sits comfortably in the users hand. The coarse blade (9 teeth) works well on thick, full tails and mane or on a horse that has not been tidied before. The...

  • SoloGroom Solo Horse Comb

    Many horses and ponies hate having their manes pulled. Solo Comb solves this problem, creating a tidy mane without discomfort or aggravation. Also useful for grooming dogs, particularly around eyes and ears

  • Wahl Pocket Trimmer

    The Wahl pocket trimmer is excellent for nervous animals as it's lightweight and quiet. It's suitable for horses and dogs, and is particularly well suited for trimming the face, ears and paws!Lightweight and small in stature but a powerful ally as part...

  • Woofwear Performance Riding Shirt

    Designed to accompany the Colour Fusion range of products for horse and rider. Woof Wear’s new lightweight and breathable riding shirts in a range of vibrant colours. Made from soft and supple iFlex fabric the Performance Riding Shirt is sure to...

  • Woofwear

    Woofwear Hat Cover

    Designed to accompany the Colour Fusion range of products for horse and rider. Woof Wear’s new Hat Covers are available in a range of vibrant colours to complete your look. Made from Lycra for a super sleek fit, the Hat Cover is available in 8...

  • Woofwear

    Woofwear Close Contact Saddle Cloth

    A new range of high wither, polycotton saddle cloths shaped, for horse and saddle. The Woof Wear designers have taken a classic everyday product and improved the shape to fit the contours of the horse and to mirror the latest saddle styles. Available in...

  • Woofwear

    Woofwear Club Brushing Boot

    The UK’s best selling general-purpose brushing boot. The Club boot has always been popular because it provides maximum protection from knocks or brushing injuries yet comes in a large range of base and strap colours allowing riders to create an...

  • Woofwear

    Woofwear Medical Hoof Boot

    A unique close fitting hoof boot designed to keep wounds, poultices and dressings clean. This durable boot is suitable for stable and turnout use enabling your horse to enjoy some freedom instead of being kept in his stable. Featuring a grooved sole for...

  • Wintec

    EASY-CHANGE Riser System

    The standard pack contains front risers (4 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm), centre risers (4 mm and 8 mm), rear risers (4 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm), instruction manual and EASY-CHANGE locating tool. The standard starter pack contains front risers, centre...

    £59.99 - £74.99
  • Wintec

    EASY-CHANGE Gullet System

    The EASY-CHANGE Gullet System is exclusive to Bates Saddles and Wintec Saddles and offers a means of altering the width of the Elastiflex tree in your saddle. The Elastiflex tree is supported by the rigid gullet at the head, and possesses true lateral...

    £19.99 - £89.99
  • Wintec

    Wintec Chafeless Elastic Girth

    This uniquely designed girth has a fully elastic centre, so the entire girth stretches with your horse as it works. The curved shaping reduces the width of material behind your horse’s elbows to help prevent pinching their skin.

  • Wintec

    Wintec Webbers

    Wintec Webbers are a revolutionary stirrup strap made without buckles to reduce the lump under the your thigh and provide closer contact to your horse. They feature a webbing core for increased strength.

  • Wintec

    Wintec Saddle Cleaner - Cleaner

    The easy-care range of Wintec saddles require no oiling or waxing. Equi-Fabric, Equi-Suede and Equi-Leather sections of your Wintec Saddle are easily cleaned using WIntec Saddle Cleaner and water and can be hosed or wiped down. Wintec Saddle Cleaner is a...

  • UVEX

    Uvex Sportstyle Winter Riding Gloves

    The uvex sportstyle winter are the riding gloves that make a difference during the wintertime - durability and comfort are only two characteristics. See product images for size guide. Highly elastic riding gloves with maximum grip. Smooth and...

  • UVEX

    Uvex Sportstyle Kids Riding Gloves

    The uvex sportstyle kid is a highly elastic glove made from non-slip PU material. It is characterised by durability and a good wearing comfort with the non-slip and abrasion-resistant material providing for a reliable grip on the reins. The design...

  • UVEX

    Uvex Sportstyle Riding Gloves

    The uvex sportstyle riding glove that makes a difference - durability and comfort are only two characteristics of this outstanding equestrian gloves! See product images for size guide. Highly elastic riding gloves with maximum grip. Smooth and...

  • UVEX

    Uvex Onyxx Kids Riding Helmet

    The Uvex Onyxx Riding Helmet sets new standards for children and teenagers with regards to safety and style. Uvex have combined world-class ventilation with a high level of comfort, all in a helmet that only weights around 500 grams! The three...