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Grooming Accessories  

  • LeMieux Cactus Wash Balls


    LeMieux Cactus Wash Balls

    Cactus Wash Balls are made especially for removing hair, fur and loose fibres from your clothes and saddle pads in the wash.Simply place 4-6 Wash Balls inside a wash bag with saddle pad and wash with non-biological detergent as per the washing...

  • LeMieux ProKit Lite Grooming Bag


    LeMieux ProKit Lite Grooming Bag

    A convenient, lightweight grooming bag that goes anywhere! The ProKit Lite offers numerous zip up compartments and a choice of a grab handle or adjustable shoulder strap. Ideal for travelling or just around the yard

  • Clipperman Jewel Trimmer

    Clipperman Jewel Trimmer

    A 3.7V dual speed battery powered trimmer (comparable to 12W mains power) offering cutting speeds up to 3,350RPM by using the pro button. Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery gives up to 5 hours run time with only 3-5 hours charge time (dependent on...

  • SoloGroom Solo Horse Rake

    SoloGroom Solo Horse Rake

    The solo rake is two-headed to save time and money.The rubber grip handle is well balanced and sits comfortably in the users hand. The coarse blade (9 teeth) works well on thick, full tails and mane or on a horse that has not been tidied before. The...

  • SoloGroom Solo Horse Comb

    SoloGroom Solo Horse Comb

    Many horses and ponies hate having their manes pulled. Solo Comb solves this problem, creating a tidy mane without discomfort or aggravation. Also useful for grooming dogs, particularly around eyes and ears

  • Wahl Pocket Trimmer

    Wahl Pocket Trimmer

    The Wahl pocket trimmer is excellent for nervous animals as it's lightweight and quiet. It's suitable for horses and dogs, and is particularly well suited for trimming the face, ears and paws!Lightweight and small in stature but a powerful ally as part...

  • Elico Plaiting Kit


    Elico Plaiting Kit

    A clear PVC zip-up pouch containing the following: Plaiting Scissors, Plaiting Aid, 3 Wenzels, Pack of Plaiting Bands and 5 needles.

  • Elico Chepstow Grooming Kit


    Elico Chepstow Grooming Kit

    An attractive grooming kit in zipper bag with colour matching handle, piping and contents. Contents: Dandy Brush Body Brush Plastic Curry Comb Oval Curry Comb Hoof Pick/Brush Plastic Mane Comb Horse shaped sponge

  • LeMieux Close Shave Reusable Hair Trimmer


    LeMieux Close Shave Reusable Hair Trimmer

    An ideal and quick way to trim whiskers, face, ears, bridle paths, feathers etc especially good for difficult horses - no the risk of cutting them. The CloseShaves are non-clogging stainless steel razor protected by a comb. CloseShaves are...