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Gel Guards  

  • Acavallo Gel Bit Guard


    Acavallo Gel Bit Guard

    The Acavallo Gel Bit Guard offers all of the protection of a traditional bit guard but uses a soft gel moulding, to protect the corner of the mouth from pinching or rubbing. This product works well with most bit guards and also encourages the bit itself...

  • Acavallo

    Acavallo Contoured Gel Bit Guard

    The Acavallo Contoured Gel Bit Guard is concave towards the mouth and convex towards the bit ring. This massively reduces the risk of chafing and rubbing. The gel design also avoids rotation of the bit rings and is available in either Black or Brown...

  • Elico

    Elico Gel Bit Guard

    The moulded mouthpiece, along with the soft gel moulding helps prevent pinching and rubbing in the corners of the mouth and cheeks. Stretches to fit most type of bits. Also useful in helping give guidance to a horse, especially young or problematic...

  • LeMieux

    LeMieux Pro-Gel Nose & Poll Guard

    Offers vital protection from rubbing and chaffing when noseband pressure is required. Also distributes pressure evenly over the sensitive poll area when used on the head piece. Discrete with easy velcro fastenings.

  • Acavallo

    Acavallo Gel Curb-Chain Guard

    All the protection of a traditional bit guard but with a soft gel moulding round the mouth piece offering protection for the corners of the mouth. Prevents pinching & rubbing. Works with most type of bits. Encourages bit to stay straight &...

  • LeMieux Pro Gel Nose & Poll Guard


    LeMieux Pro Gel Nose & Poll Guard

    The Gel Nose & Poll Guard from Lemieux is a quick and effective way to alleviate and spread pressure from the noseband to prevent sores and make your horse more comfortable. Discrete and easy to use Velcro fastenings attach easily to most bridles...