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Saddle Accessories  

  • Wintec Comfort Pad  - White

    Wintec Comfort Pad - White

    Ideal for everyday use and very advantageous in high shock situations such as jumping, endurance, polo, cross country and extended sitting trot sessions. The Wintec Comfort Pad provides a high level of comfort and trauma-reduction.

  • Bates Steady Grip


    Bates Steady Grip

    The Bates Steady Grip offers you improved security to maintain a strong and powerful position, whether on a horse with expressive movement or tackling a demanding eventing course. Offers improved position. Helps to maintain strong grip on a horse...

  • EASY-CHANGE Gullet System


    EASY-CHANGE Gullet System

    The EASY-CHANGE Gullet System is exclusive to Bates Saddles and Wintec Saddles and offers a means of altering the width of the Elastiflex tree in your saddle. The Elastiflex tree is supported by the rigid gullet at the head, and possesses true lateral...

    £19.99 - £89.99