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  • Original Redtop Fly Trap Flycatchers


    Original Redtop Fly Trap Flycatchers

    The Original Redtop Flycatcher, this fly trap is perfect for smallholdings, homes, gardens or anywhere that is plagued with flies! Other features include: Lasts up to 12 weeks. Can catch and hold up to 20,000 flies. Hygienic, non-toxic and ozone...

  • Elico Stall Guard

    This fantastic stall guard from Elico fits easily across an open stable door, allowing more air into the stable. Ideal for the Summer months as it effectively eliminates the need for you to close the stable door. Fully adjustable and featuring 6 trigger...

  • Elico Ilfracombe Haynet (Blue/Grey)

    A large and sturdy haybag made from 1680 Denier fabric with a hard-wearing 30 hole nylon open mesh feeder and hanging strap. This should hang freely so that the horse cannot rub against it, and this will also prolong the life of the bag. Size: 77cm...

  • Elico Honiton Haynet (Orange/Black)

    A good quality polypropylene haynet with small holes to help prevent overfeeding. Size 40" (100cm) 8cm ring in bottom to assist filling Capacity approx. 6.5kg hay 4cm x 4cm mesh

  • Elico Radnor Anti-Gorge Haynet (Red/Blue)

    Strong haynet with 6cm ring at base, robust hanging rope and small holes in a unique design to minimise waste. Helps slow down your horse eating hay or haylage, helping to prolong the activity and thereby helping to prevent gorging with all the added...

  • Elico Padstow Haynet (Pink/Purple)

    A good quality polypropylene haynet with small holes to help prevent overfeeding Size 40" (100cm) 8cm ring in bottom to assist filling Capacity approx. 6.5kg hay 4cm x 4cm mesh

  • Likit Holder Refill

    Mouth-wateringly tasty Likit treats are designed to be used in conjunction with Likit Toys to help make stable life more fun and less stressful. Delicious formulations that your horse or pony will love!

  • Likit Snaks Horse Treats - 100g Bag

    Likit Snaks are tasty, crunchy, heart shaped nibbles that fit easily inside the Likit Snak-a-Ball to alleviate boredom, or can be fed from the hand as a reward or training aid.

  • Likit Starter Kit

    The easiest way to start using Likits, this great value kit has everything you need to get started. Each Kit contains a Likit Holder, three assorted Likit (650g) refills as well as two bags of the popular Likit Snaks.

  • Likit Holder

    This clever toy is designed to be hung freely in the stable from the rope provided and used in conjunction with a Likit Refill (650g), sold separately. As your horse plays with the toy the Likit Holder will move, making them work harder for their reward...

  • LeMieux

    Premier Performance Horse Calming Cookies - 10 Pack

    Ideal for horses during excitable or stressful situations such as clinics, competitions, clipping, hunting, farrier, box rest, training, loading, traveling and hacking. Feed as and when required, they help your horse to stay calm, confident and focused...

  • Elico

    Elico Brelade Continental Style Haynet

    This haynet helps to promote proper feeding and can save up to 30% feedIt has a capacity of 15kg.This small-mesh haynet offers many benefits, including longer feeding times, prevention of food jealousy etc and being knotless helps with sensitive...

  • Elico

    Elico Little Piggy Haynet - Standard

    For a horse or pony that is a "Little Piggy" when eating.Good quality haynets with extra-small holes to slow down your horse or pony that is a "Little Piggy" when eating too much or too quickly.This aids digestion and also helps in the prevention of...