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EASY-CHANGE Gullet System

Brand Name:

The EASY-CHANGE Gullet System is exclusive to Bates Saddles and Wintec Saddles and offers a means of altering the width of the Elastiflex tree in your saddle. The Elastiflex tree is supported by the rigid gullet at the head, and possesses true lateral flexion to work with your horse’s muscles. The tree width is determined by the size of gullet plate fitted between the tree points. The gullet plate governs the width of the tree from the waist to the tree points. Genuine EASY-CHANGE Gullet Plates are engineered to be completely rigid, ensuring they cannot spread, or change shape under normal usage. Gullet plates are colour coded by size and will remain true to their size throughout their life. Only genuine EASY-CHANGE Gullet Plates are accredited for use in saddles featuring EASY-CHANGE Gullet System. The use of non-genuine component parts will void any manufacturer warranty.

This listing features all sizes from the gullet system as well as the WIDE sizing which is exclusive to the WIDE range of Bates and Wintex saddles. We also have the gullet sizing gauge available on this listing - it is highly advised that you use this to ensure the correct width of gullet is used for your horse.

EASY-CHANGE® Gullets are available in 6 sizes for all Standard fit Bates and Wintec Saddles

  • Narrow 210mm (Yellow)
  • Medium/Narrow 218mm (Green)
  • Medium 228mm (Black)
  • Medium/Wide 238mm (Blue)
  • Wide 245mm (Red)
  • Extra Wide 253mm (White)

EASY-CHANGE® WIDE Gullets are available in 4 sizes for all Wide fit Bates and Wintec Saddles

  • 1XW 253mm (Light Lilac)
  • 2XW 270mm (Lilac)
  • 3XW 280mm (Light Purple)
  • 4XW 290mm (Purple)

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