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Replacement Cat Flap for PetSafe Catflaps

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This product is designed to replace flaps in the following Staywell/Petsafe classic cat flaps and comes as one flap and one magnetic sealing strip:

  • Staywell 16
  • Staywell 17
  • Staywell 18
  • Staywell 19
  • Staywell 20
  • Staywell 21
  • Staywell 22
  • Staywell 30 
  • Staywell 31 
  • Staywell 32 
  • Staywell 917 
  • Staywell 919  
  • Staywell 932 
  • Staywell 916 
  • Staywell 918 
  • Staywell 934

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