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Staywell PetSafe 600 Series - Aluminium Pet Flap

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This door gives your pet all the independence he needs. Easy to install, the solid aluminium frame has reinforced corners for heavy use or for multiple pet homes. The flexible, soft flap is tinted and adjustable. A magnetic flap closure and pile weather stripping along the sides of the flap opening form a weather-resistant seal. A closing panel is included for improved weather-resistance or to control your pet’s access to the pet door.


  • Fits wooden doors, brick walls, PVC/uPVC and metal doors
  • Slide-in closing panel included
  • System Includes
  • Closing Panel
  • Fitting Screws
  • Installation Guide
  • Cutting Template

Door Sizing Chart

Door Size Pet Size Frame Dimensions Flap Opening Cut Out Size Max Shoulder Width
Small Up to 7kg 201 x 298 mm 132 x 206 mm 150 x 245 mm 132 mm
Medium Up to 18kg 277 x 400 mm 209 x 311 mm 225 x 348 mm 209 mm
Large Up to 45kg 329 x 502 mm 260 x 413 mm 277 x 451 mm 260 mm
X-Large Up to 100kg 417 x 692 mm 349 x 603 mm 366 x 642 mm 349 mm

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